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    The MOSES blog covers the project 'Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems'.

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  • The Astroparticle Café

    A blog about the great secrets of the universe and the daily work of DESY scientists

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  • Polarstern blog

    Germany’s largest research vessel is sailing the Arctic and the Antarctic Ocean

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  • Helmholtz Juniors

    Covering PHD Student issues, the Helmholtz Juniors blog is run by the student representative group of the Helmholtz Association.

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  • Funduscope

    The Funduscope blog is dedicated to science communication and operated by the Helmholtz Association’s head Office.

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  • ResearchIn’ the World

    Scientific careers are international. HZDR scientist blog about their experiences.

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  • We CaRe

    We CaRe is the blog of the German Cancer Research Center.

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  • Arctic blog: 79 Degrees North

    Together with partner, the Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI) operates a research station on Spitsbergen. In this Arctic blog researchers report on their expeditions.

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  • AWI Ice Blog

    Research on ice – from the inside and the outside. From Antarctica to northern Greenland.

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  • HZI juniors

    In this blog, junior researchers and apprentices from the HZI have their say about everyday life and work at the Centre.

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