Photo 3: The Multicorer (MUC) is deployed into the water. Photo: Josephine Rapp

A wavy welcome to the deep Arctic Ocean

By Katy Hoffmann and Josephine Rapp For roughly five days now we have been sailing through Arctic waters aboard RV Polarstern, our home for the coming weeks. It is the second time that both of us have been here to collect samples for our PhD projects. Over the next three weeks we will conduct ... [Read more]
Collecting algae at the ice edge with the Hand Net. (Photo: Annegret Krandick)

Life on board RV Polarstern as an ArcTrain student

At the moment we are on our way to Tromsø, where our Arctic adventure finally ends. Here, we would like to give you the opportunity to get an insight in the life on board RV Polarstern as an ArcTrain student. 07:00... Alarm rings. Press the snooze button. Get up ten minutes later. Take a ... [Read more]
ArcTrain students on board RV Polarstern, floating in the ice. Photo: Annegret Krandick

Floating University - ArcTrain students on board RV Polarstern

By Annegret Krandick, Kerstin Kretschmer, Laura Gillard, Tilia Breckenfelder ArcTrain, an international research group, allows the opportunity for students to study the processes that affect our climate in the past, present and future scenarios with a focus on the North Atlantic Ocean and the ... [Read more]
The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Helmholtz Association Research Fellows meet the Nobel Laureates

It sounded like a dream: having discussions over dinner in a pub on Lake Constance with scientists you’ve been citing since your undergraduate days. But, this was a reality for a group of Helmholtz Research Fellows selected to attend the 65th Nobel Laureates’ Meeting on the island of Lindau. ... [Read more]
On the 7th ice station we tried to form TRANSSIZ. The "z" was kind of confused. Photo: Ilias Nasis

Leaving the Arctic Behind – Of Polar Cod and Going Home

Only few days are left; we are approaching the end of the cruise. Last Wednesday we already entered the open ocean and left the Arctic sea-ice edge behind. On our way south, we passed an area inhabited by quite a few seals, and some of us were lucky enough to see whales. On Tuesday we had our ... [Read more]