The Science Crew of the TRANSSIZ Cruise consists of 51 scientists from 11 different countries. Photo: E. Nasis

On the way to the sea-ice edge: Preparations for investigating the Arctic in Rapid Transition

This Tuesday May 19th, the R/V Polarstern departed Bremerhaven port with 51 scientists from 11 countries who will investigate the effects for climate change in the Arctic Ocean. The cruise is called TRANSSIZ which stands for ‘Transitions in the Seasonal Ice Zone’. Before actually taking off, ... [Read more]
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Max-Planck society implements much-needed changes in PhD funding

by Stephan Körner, Julian Gethmann and Juliane Hafermann   Last week, we reported about the changes in the way PhD students are to be treated in the Helmholtz Association. As could be read in the German news in March and April 2015, the Max Planck Society has meanwhile not been inactive: ... [Read more]

Helmholtz Association—improved conditions for PhD students

by Juliane Hafermann, Julian Gethmann and Stephan Körner (Helmholtz Juniors Survey Group)   Things are moving in the scientific world: the working conditions of PhD students in two large German scientific societies, the Helmholtz Association and the Max Planck Society, will be improved ... [Read more]
Helmholtz Juniors

Spotlight on conditions for PhD students

 This blog post is a statement of the Helmholtz Juniors. Followed by media response, the Max Planck Society recently announced dramatic changes in their support for doctoral students [1]. Without notable public attention, the Helmholtz Association also released their new guidelines for the ... [Read more]
FameLab 2015 participants Marcia Duarte (first prize and audience award) and James Tsatsaronis (2nd place)

"I did feel a bit overwhelmed" - Marcia Duarte and James Tsatsaronis about Famelab 2015

On the 9th of April the FameLab Germany preliminary event for Lower Saxony and Northern Germany took place at the HZI for the first time. After the event we caught up with the winner and the runner-up of the event Marcia Duarte (first prize and audience award) and James Tsatsaronis (2nd place) ... [Read more]
Helmholtz Juniors Survey 2014

Survey Results of the 2014 Helmholtz PhD Survey

In 2014 all 6000 PhD candidates of the 18 Helmholtz centers had been asked in the 4th bi-annual survey about their main issues and the conditions they are working under. 1483 PhD students participated, and their answers can now be found in an extensive report which summarises the findings of ... [Read more]