Raumfahrzeug Curiosity vorm Reichstag

Space at your place - Photo competition for the launch of astronaut Alexander Gerst

Call to participate: On Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 21.56 clock CEST German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will launch to the International Space Station. He will live, work and conduct research for six months aboard the ISS. We call on you today to bring space to your place and take a picture ... [Read more]
GSI-Videoserie zur Struktur der Materie. Bild: Beilstein (CC-BY-ND 3.0)

Accelerator videos

GSI researchers in Darmstadt, Germany are studying the very small scales of matter with huge particle accelerators. Together with the Beilstein Institute, GSI recently released a series of videos explaining the physics behind their work. The video are licencsed unter Creative Commons (CC-BY-ND), ... [Read more]
EnviroVib auf PE-Schlitten

EKSEIS campaign acquires more than 400 km of seismic data on ice in 3 weeks

The EKSEIS campaign operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute finished last week. The whole campaign has been described in this blog - in German. For international readers the achievments in a nutshell: 407 km of seismic profiles in total, thereof 110 km in 6-fold resolution with 125 m shot ... [Read more]