Geochemists analyzing sea ice. Photo : Gerhard Dieckmann

Ice is nice

By Erika Allhusen, Robert Ricker, Hazel Hartman-Jenkins, Andreas Krell, Gerhard Diekmann, Ellen Damm | As Miss Smilla searched snow and ice for clues to solve an arctic crime; similarly, we search the arctic icepack to for answers to a variety of scientific questions. How is biomass distributed ... [Read more]
Laser-Teilchenbeschleunigung in der ELBE - Zentrum für Hochleistungs-Strahlenquellen im HZDR: In dieser sogenannten Target-Kammer trifft der Lichtstrahl des Hochleistungslasers auf den Elektronenstrahl des ELBE-Beschleunigers. Ziel ist die Erzeugung brillanter Röntgenstrahlung. (im Hintergrund Doktorandin Josefine Metzkes)

Invitation to the 26 September Dresden ScienceTweetup

Watch out tweeps: The first Dresden ScienceTweetup will take place on September 26th, 2015, focusing on light in research during the International Year of Light. Up to twelve bloggers and users of social media platforms can discuss with top scientists and get exclusive insights into the Helmholtz-Zentrum ... [Read more]
Curious polar bears and fascinated people. Photo: Polarstern bridge


By Franz Schroeter | We are currently in the “marginal ice zone”: the zone right in front of the thick multi-year-ice. Since we reached the sea ice on August 21st, 2015, we have been moving slower. At first, only ice floes drifted by. Soon, however, we approached a white front ahead. ... [Read more]
Female polar bear and her cub investigating our strange ship. Photo: Mario Hoppmann

Life of an Oceanographer during “TransArc II”

From Mario Hoppmann und Hendrik Hampe | As soon as the countless containers are un-stowed and the first instruments have been prepared the scientists are ready to start with their main task: the investigation of the atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. Since it usually takes ... [Read more]
View forwards along the starboard side of R/V Polarstern. Photo: Stefan Hendricks

TransArc II – Tracking Arctic change

By Justin, Stefan and Ursula | TransArc II *) - this means for us - 55 scientists and 43 crew members – for the coming two months an expedition right across the Arctic Ocean with the German research ice breaker Polarstern. We want to track the climate change, which is so very prominent ... [Read more]
Photo 4: Ny Ålesund as seen from Polarstern’s upper deck. Photo: Josephine Rapp

After one MUC always comes another

By Katy Hoffmann and Josephine Rapp | We have now been on board for more than two weeks, and the expedition’s halfway point has already passed. In some moments it feels like we’ve been on this ship for ages, and in others like we only just started. Sometimes you are really looking forward ... [Read more]