The multicorer with sediment cores hoisted back aboard Polarstern.Photo: Franz Schroeter, AWI

An Arctic deep sea volcano

By Joshua Kiesel and Franz Schroeter |  We have successfully finished the transit from the 30 to 60 degrees of longitude and are now on the Gakkel Ridge, the doorstep of the North Pole. The Gakkel Ridge was named, in the 1960s, for a Soviet scientist. In 2001 the research vessels Polarstern ... [Read more]
Polarstern and Healy on 7. September 2015 at the North Pole Photo: Stefan Hendricks

Inter-calibration at the North Pole

By Ursula Schauer | On September 7, 2015 Polarstern reached the geographic North Pole. Already from some distance we recognized the outline of another ship: the US Coast Guard Cutter Healy. The officer on duty, Igor Hering, was steering the ship through the dense ice cover while it slowly ... [Read more]
Geochemists analyzing sea ice. Photo : Gerhard Dieckmann

Ice is nice

By Erika Allhusen, Robert Ricker, Hazel Hartman-Jenkins, Andreas Krell, Gerhard Diekmann, Ellen Damm | As Miss Smilla searched snow and ice for clues to solve an arctic crime; similarly, we search the arctic icepack to for answers to a variety of scientific questions. How is biomass distributed ... [Read more]
Laser-Teilchenbeschleunigung in der ELBE - Zentrum für Hochleistungs-Strahlenquellen im HZDR: In dieser sogenannten Target-Kammer trifft der Lichtstrahl des Hochleistungslasers auf den Elektronenstrahl des ELBE-Beschleunigers. Ziel ist die Erzeugung brillanter Röntgenstrahlung. (im Hintergrund Doktorandin Josefine Metzkes)

Invitation to the 26 September Dresden ScienceTweetup

Watch out tweeps: The first Dresden ScienceTweetup will take place on September 26th, 2015, focusing on light in research during the International Year of Light. Up to twelve bloggers and users of social media platforms can discuss with top scientists and get exclusive insights into the Helmholtz-Zentrum ... [Read more]