Small dense blooming Thalassiosira sp found around Cape Verde. Photo: Alexandra Kraberg

A voyage of plankton discovery

By Annette Wilson & Minna Hovi | Greetings from the RV Polarstern! As we approach the equator, obvious changes in the ocean colour can be seen from the deck and through remote sensing satellites. We have also seen changes on a smaller scale through the microscope in the phytoplankton species ... [Read more]
Yellow-finned tuna over the Ampere seamount. Photo: Pauhla McGrane


By Birgit Heim | Seamounts are isolated submarine topographic elevations in the open ocean. They often originate from submarine volcanism, created over so-called hotspots in the upper mantle of the earth or along the mid-ocean spreading ridges. However, little is known about these seamounts ... [Read more]
Camera system OFOS to detect garbage on the sea floor. Photo: Melanie Bergmann

Supplement from the Arctic: Marine litter

Polarstern came back from the Arctic to its homeport Bremerhaven last week. During shipyard time there are not bloggers on board. Time for us to look back to the so-called AWI Hausgarten. Biologist Melanie Bergmann reports on her work about plastic litter. Post from the Arctic in August 2015 I ... [Read more]